This morning I did yoga, had a nice breakfast and spent extra time blowing out my hair. Thought I would make the morning count because I know the rest of this work day is going to suck.

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I’ve been dreaming about crocodiles a lot lately.

There are two very different meanings on this. One signifies change and growth in your waking life. The other is a sign of danger - show caution.

Which applies to me?

Some of my dreams show me killing the crocodile, or at least overcoming it’s attack in one way or another. I suppose this is a good sign. In one dream I was in a canoe, gliding over hundreds of crocodiles, hitting them with my paddle and going at an obscene pace. It was not realistic but that doesn’t matter. I was triumphant and showed no sign of fear. In reality I am horrified by the thought of a crocodile.

My most recent dream, I was nearly swallowed whole before I woke. First my foot, my leg, he gnawed his way up to my pelvis. I felt no pain, but I struggled. I kept trying to pry the enormous jaws away but it was no use, I was too weak. There wasn’t much blood and I was surprisingly calm.

I’m dreading the next time I dream of them.

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When I run my 10km I am awarding myself with shiny new running shoes. Can’t wait!

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